Daily Rates for Canoes and Kayaks

Trips on the Wading and Oswego Rivers

1 to 7 Canoes or Double Kayaks
$55.00 per boat

8 to 14 Canoes or Double Kayaks
$50.00 per boat

15 to 19 Canoes or Double Kayaks
$45.00 per boat

20 or more Canoes or Double Kayaks
$43.00 per boat

1 to 6 Kayaks
$45.00 per boat

7 to 12 Kayaks
$42.00 per boat

13 or more Kayaks
$40.00 per boat

Rental Includes Canoe or Kayak, Life Vests, Paddles
and Transportation To and From the River

Private Canoe and Kayak Transportation

1 Private Boat
$25.00 per boat

2 or more Private Boats
$20.00 per boat

One Way Transport From Beaver to Hawkin
additional 5.00 per boat

Additional Information

2nd Day on Canoe or Kayak
$30.00 per boat
in addition to the daily rate

3rd or 4th Person in Canoe
$10.00 each
free when under 10 years old
combined weight limit 690 pounds

Bodine Field to Chips Folly
$20.00 plus $3.00 per boat
overnight camping required

Seat Cushion
$1.00 each

Propane Grill
$20.00 each
for use at Micks picnic area
reservation suggested

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Prices Do Not Include New Jersey Sales Tax