Group Rates for Families, Clubs and Non-Profit Organizations

As noted with our rates, bringing more people lowers your cost for each boat. You'll receive a discount when renting eight or more boats. And it only goes up from there. Call for details.

Once you've arrived at our store and checked-in, everything is taken care of. Micks supplies the equipment you need for your day on the river. As the song goes: "Just hop on the bus, Gus". From there it's a short ride to the river or lake. Everyone is then fitted with a life vest while our staff advises the less-experienced. Grab a paddle and stow the gear. You're off. Along the way you'll see friends and family splashing each other, taking photographs of natures beauty or relaxing on a beach.

We will help you anyway we can. If something's not right, we'll find a solution. This is your time to have a great time. We've been featured in such newspapers as the Courier-Post and even The New York Times. The readers of The Press of Atlantic City voted Micks the Best Canoe / Kayak Rentals in South Jersey. Outstanding customer service, low prices, great location - that's why people rent at Micks.

What A School Trip!

Tired of the same old school trip? Long lines at a museum or aquarium with traffic jams in and out of the city. How about a school trip to the Wharton State Forest? Our highways are the Oswego and Wading Rivers and there's a 110,00 acre classroom of forest and wildlife.

Since 1971, Micks has offered students from middle school through college the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the New Jersey Pinelands. Whether it's a environmental learning experience or just having fun with classmates, Micks can help you plan your school trip. Give us a call for more information.

Tax Exempt Groups

Eligible groups must present a New Jersey Exempt Use Certificate Form ST-4 to waiver Sales Tax charge. The form must be filled out in accordance with the instructions included with the document. For faster check-in, print and complete in advance.

New Jersey Exempt Use Certificate Form ST-4

Release Form for Participants

Groups can speed up their registration by filling out our Participant Release of Liability in advance. Each participant must sign. Children under 18 years old are required to have permission of their parent or legal guardian. You can print as many forms as necessary.

Participant Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement



Join A Group

There are many camping, canoeing and kayaking clubs or organizations accepting individuals for membership. They are a great way to meet people with common interests; groups also receive discounted rates. Those listed below occasionally have trips to the Wharton State Forest.

Encourages canoeing and kayaking with a positive social experience.

Getting out in nature and enjoying its surroundings in a safe, social environment.

Neighbors getting together to learn something, do something, share something.

Extending the individual's environment through experiences in outdoor activities.

Canoers and kayakers who enjoy paddling and also support each other.

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