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3107 Route 563
Chatsworth, NJ 08019
Fax: 609.726.0717


Quaker Bridge to Batsto Lake on the Batsto River

If you would like a different perspective of the rivers, then this is the place. You can zoom-in tight, pan in any direction, and change views; all with your mouse. Select a location from the Trail Maps menu to automatically move map to its position. Definitely worth a look.

Instructions for Map Controls

  • View: Select from Map, Satellite, or Hybrid.
  • Pan: Use the ←↑→↓ arrows.
  • Zoom: Adjust slider bar or activate mouse wheel.
    You may double-click mouse on any area to zoom.
  • Mouse: Click and hold mouse nav, then drag map to position.
  • Trail Map: Turn the trail map on or off.

Trail Facts

Time: 4 hours
Straight Distance: 3.9 miles
River Distance: 8.1 miles
Portage: No
Campers Only: No